Canker sores: Treatments

Generally, canker sores disappear spontaneously in about ten days, but they can be very troublesome and painful. Fortunately, there are some treatments (based on anesthetics and local antiseptics) that can relieve the symptoms.

"Small" mouth ulcers that occur from time to time will be treated locally through antiseptic mouthwashes and the application of analgesic products (eg, products placed on the sore gums of babies) when pain is felt. It is also possible to give local anti-inflammatories.

Recurrent and painful ulcers may be treated by specific drugs (colchicine, corticosteroid ...) by the general route.
Simple local treatment relieves pain: mouthwashes and use of analgesic products are sufficient most often.

Treatment to prevent recurrence
Obviously, if a tooth is responsible for a chronic injury and the appearance of a canker sore, go see his dentist who will eliminate the irritative part or who will do what is necessary to restore the balance between the teeth. It is important to have good dental hygiene ... without increasing the number of mouthwashes (at the risk of disturbing the balance of the oral flora).
And if the canker sores are due to certain foods, the best solution is to avoid them.

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