Stuttering: Those words that do not want to go out

Blocking words, a repetition of syllables, prolongations of sounds: stuttering results in difficulties of spontaneous oral expression ... These accidents can be accompanied by involuntary movements of the face or the whole body or even respiratory spasms.

Stuttering is not a disease, but a symptom. It can be the symptom of a:

  • specific pathology (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease ...),
  • neuro-developmental difficulty (such as Tourette's syndrome),
  • psychological difficulty (anxiety, social phobia, etc.)

This handicap affects about 1% of the population, with a clear predominance of men, it starts most often between 3 and 7 years, but also affects adults. Unfortunately, it can not always be solved, but can be improved if we intervene early.

Some genetic or environmental factors may promote stuttering. During the psychomotor development of the child, stuttering can be explained by a cognitive "blockage" or a problem in the maturation of a very precise area of ​​the central nervous system: the language area.

Stuttering is accentuated by emotion, fatigue, the fear of stuttering or the efforts made to hide it. Stuttering only exists in a context of spontaneous communication and is not triggered by singing, drama, or reading.

There are 3 types of stuttering. Clonic stuttering is the repetition of the same syllable or phoneme of a word (often the first syllable of the first word of a sentence); Stuttering stuttering is a blockage in the pronunciation of certain words, which causes strong tension in the lips and jaw. It can exist the association of the 2 previous ones: the tonic-clonic stuttering.

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