Delirious puff: the symptoms

The person suffering from delirious puff presents various symptoms such as:

  • many hallucinations (perceptions not applicable),
  • illusions (deformation of the perception of a real object),
  • interpretations (false deductions of reality).

Hallucinations are numerous, auditory but also psychic (echo of thought or voice in the head).

The themes of delirium are numerous: mystic (miraculous visions, divine missions, diabolical possession), erotic or megalomaniac. The person suddenly feels bewitched, persuaded of a truth, watched or in communication with supernatural or robotic forces.

The occurrence of a delirious puff (or their repetition) corresponds to a delirium that goes in all directions and that we do not understand anything. The subject is convinced of the reality of his delirium. He shows no criticism and is generally agitated. He does not take the time to eat or sleep, and undergoes great changes of mood (rapid transition from euphoria to despair).

The episode lasts from a few weeks to a few months if it is not treated (by definition, less than 6 months). Then, either he does not reoffend, or he reoffends during a new stress or spontaneously. In this case, it may be a mode of entry into a chronic psychiatric pathology such as psychosis (especially schizophrenia) or bipolar disorder.

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