Rectal cancer: the symptoms

Rectal cancer is first manifested by digestive symptoms, particularly transit, exoneration, and bleeding disorders.

The patient suffers from constipation or diarrhea or alternating diarrhea-constipation.

The difficulties of exemption vary according to the location of the tumor. As for bleeding, we speak of rectorragies, that is to say of red blood or mucus covering the stool or visible on the toilet paper at the end of exemption.

Other symptoms should also cause cancer of the rectum. Especially :

  • rectal pain,
  • painful tensions,
  • Feelings of false needs.

Tenesmus is defined by a false urge to go to the saddle associated with a painful rectal tension, while the symptoms are associated with abdominal pain.

Pains of the pelvis, heaviness, tightness, urinary disorders, difficulty in urinating are other symptoms that evoke a pathology of the neighboring organs of the rectum in the small pelvis.

Faced with such symptoms, the doctor must make a digital rectal examination. This will allow him, in general, to feel the possible tumor of the rectum, and to assess roughly its size and its extension. The fingerstall may bring back blood, and indicate the presence of a rectal lesion.

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