Chalazion: The symptoms

The symptoms of a chalazion are relatively simple to recognize. The first symptoms are usually a red and swollen eyelid. The patient says he is embarrassed by his eyelid. Then quite quickly a swelling, a ball will be formed. The patient describes the appearance of a kind of cyst on the eyelid. The eyelid of the top (most often) or the bottom may be concerned. The pain is usually quite weak.

The ball may be visible especially on the external side of the eyelid, or on the contrary the swelling may develop especially towards the inside. In the latter case, the chalazion may interfere with each blink of the eyelid.

The only possible complication of a chalazion is aesthetic, with the formation of an inflammatory ball on the eyelid.

When these symptoms occur, you can go to a general practitioner who will indicate the solutions. Of course an ophthalmologist can be consulted, especially if the chalazion does not heal, or if it recurs.

The doctor usually does not prescribe any further examination in case of chalazion. If the patient wears lenses, it may be advisable not to use them for as long as the chalazion persists, especially if it develops towards the inside of the eyelid.

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