Cheloid scar: the symptoms

The keloid scar is larger (wider and higher) than the classic scar. It extends beyond the initial limits of the wound. It is also distinguished by the following symptoms:

  • Size
    Hypertrophic scars are limited to the initial site of the wound while keloids extend beyond the tension lines.
  • The colour
    The color of the cheloid scar is often different from that of the adjacent normal skin: redder at first and then darker, sometimes orange, yellow or pink. There is no hair on its surface.
  • Consistency
    To the touch, they are thicker than the initial scar, in relief and very indurated. We no longer find the flexibility and elasticity of the surrounding normal skin.
  • The localisation
    The keloid scar is more likely to affect the anterior chest, shoulders, earlobe and upper arm and cheeks. The eyelids, palms and plants as well as the mucous membranes and the genital tract are rarely met.
  • Other symptoms
    The cheloid scar may also manifest as itching and pain at the site of the scar.
The diagnosis is clinical and does not require biological examinations or radiology.

The frequency of occurrence of a cheloid scar is highly variable from one patient to another. In the foreground, it is the aesthetic discomfort which disturbs the patients, in particular on the face, the lobe of the ears and the cleavage. The impact on the quality of life can be major both physically and psychologically.

It is the importance of the discomfort and symptoms of the scar that will allow after discussion with the patient to select the treatment options.

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