Hairdressing: Styling products

The styling products will bring the final touch to your hairstyle by modeling it, fixing it. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice on what type of product to use and how to use them. Because if the choice of the styling product adapted to the needs of your hair is essential, the good gestures of application are all the same. And do not forget to brush your hair every evening to remove the residues of the products!

Foam, spray, lacquer, ... Do you find it hard to tell the difference between all these products that can help you control your hair every day? Here is an overview of the most common styling products:

The foam
Special volume, they bring matter to the hair. To spread on the damp hair, insisting on the roots; for even more volume, dry hair upside down.
Special loops, they give body and shine to permed or curly hair. It is applied to damp hair along the entire length; let them air dry, or the diffuser (the conventional dryer breaks the loops).

These are multi-function products. For a volume effect: spray at the hairline. To shape the hairstyle, apply wick to hair, about 15 cm from the hair. To fix a hairstyle, spread the spray on the whole of the hair about 30 cm.

Finer texture than the spray, it allows to fix in lightness all the hairstyles: blow drying, bun, ...

The gels
Fixing, their texture to apply to the fingers allows a better finish. It is the ideal texture on short hair, to create peak and reliefs.

Waxes, brilliant creams
Versatile at will, the styling paste offers a great deal of flexibility. On short hair, it will bring a matte effect of the most sophisticated; on long hair, attached, it will give a very glamorous wet-look. Only warning: avoid excesses. Too much dough can weigh down the hair and make the hair look greasy.

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