Whiplash: the sequelae and complications

In case of whiplash, a weak cervical trauma should not leave after effects on a healthy spine.

In less severe cases, contusion or stretching is limited to the muscles and joint structures of the cervical area, with local edema and muscle contracture.

In the most serious cases, there may be a serious cervical sprain, rupture of the ligaments, cervical disc herniation, vertebral fracture ... with consequences on the nerves or the spinal cord.

When to consult?

Even when the trauma is minor, it is important to intervene on these discomforts to prevent cervical pain and stiffness from becoming chronic.

It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor. This one examines the patient clinically, analyzing and after a palpation, mobilization ... of the cervical area, will judge the need to do a cervical X-ray, a CT scan or an MRI to check tendinous structures, ligamentous, bone, and. .. the absence of neurological lesions.

In case of violent trauma, it is advisable not to move, and to wait for help to reach the nearest hospital where the patient will be subjected to the necessary examinations to check the absence of serious lesions.

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