Detect an STD: pimples, rashes, lesions

You have small pimples (sometimes with growths), or lesions that correspond to small ulcerated areas, such as small wounds. It can also be rashes, small red vesicles on your genitals.

These events may reveal :
> genital herpes
> vulvovaginal condyloma
> syphilis
> crabs

Genital herpes

How he gets caught:

Herpes is a skin disease that is spread by direct contact with a person carrying the virus, through kisses, sex or oral sex (oral sex, cunnilingus).

Symptoms :

The first genital herpes crisis lasts about 10 days and is manifested by:

  • Very painful lesions of the vulva, vagina ... sometimes of the anus, buttocks or thighs.
  • A fever more or less important.
  • Ganglia in the groin.

Even without treatment, the symptoms usually disappear after ten days, but new crises ("outbreaks") can occur during periods of stress, psychological shock, fatigue. .

Severity and complications:

Once in the body, the genital herpes virus stays there for life. There is no treatment to make it disappear completely, and recurrences can still occur.

Diagnostic :

Clinical diagnosis practiced by the doctor.
Cellular sampling at the level of the lesions to confirm this diagnosis.


  • Antiviral drug for 5 days, in tablet form.
  • Local application of an ointment.

These treatments can not suppress the virus, but can limit the duration and intensity of seizures.

Vulvovaginal condyloma

How is it caught?

Condylomas (also called genital warts or " cockroaches ") are caused by a virus whose transmission is primarily through sex. This STD is more and more common among young people.

Symptoms :

  • Small irregular and painless, soft, rosy or greyish, wart-like pimples located in the vulva, anus, vagina and cervix in women; foreskin and glans in men.
  • Some condylomas are flat and almost invisible to the naked eye.

Severity and complications:
Genital warts do not properly cause "complications", but they can proliferate and when they are too numerous, it is sometimes necessary to destroy them under general anesthesia.

Diagnostic :
Medical examination in the office.


Destruction of lesions using: ointment (podophyllin diluted), liquid nitrogen, or laser (local anesthesia, or general in the most severe cases).

Syphilis (or pox)

How she catches herself:

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium: treponema, transmitted by unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal and oral), by blood (transfusion) or from mother to child by the placenta.

Symptoms :

In women:

2-3 weeks after the report:

  • The appearance of a chancre: a small, oozing, painless wound on a lip of the vulva, or in the throat, on the tonsils, on the tongue, the lips, or also in the region of the anus.
  • Painless or slightly sensitive groin in the groin.

6-8 weeks after the report:

  • Rosy rash all over the body (especially the roots of the limbs).

In humans:

2-3 weeks after the report:

  • Appearance of a chancre: small, oozing, painless wound on the glans.

6-8 weeks after the report:

  • Rosy rash all over the body (especially the roots of the limbs).

Severity and complications:

In the absence of treatment, the symptoms of syphilis disappear spontaneously. But the disease can then be redeclared later in the form of lesions, and sometimes even extend to other organs ... Today, this evolution at an advanced stage, is very rare in France.

The other complication is the contamination of congenital syphilis to a child, through the placenta.

Diagnostic :

By a blood test for laboratory analysis. The results are usually available a week later.

Treatment :

Based on a very effective antibiotherapy.

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