Detect an STD: no symptoms

Surprising as it may seem, some STDs do not cause any symptoms ... or sometimes so little, that the infection goes unnoticed. It happens that this MST is then discovered because of the consequences (sometimes important) that it caused.

It can be:
> Chlamydia infection.
> Gonorrhea which, in women, can cause no symptoms.
> Vulvovaginal condyloma.


How she catches herself:

Gonorrhea is a highly contagious STD that contracts through direct contact with the genital mucosa. A single sexual encounter with an infected person can therefore be contagious. The germ responsible is a gonococcus.

Symptoms :

In women:

  • No or few symptoms: sometimes some abnormal losses.

In humans:
The symptoms are quite specific:

  • Sharp burns while urinating ("hot-piss")
  • Drop of pus at the end of the penis.

Severity and complications:

In women: If treatment is neglected, gonorrhea may progress to gonococcal salpingitis. There is also a risk of tubal damage that can lead to infertility.

In men: Gonorrhea can also cause chronic urinary and genital pain. Without treatment, there is a risk of testicular involvement leading to infertility.

Diagnosis: Local sampling and laboratory analysis.

Treatments: Antibiotic-based (tablets or injection).


How she catches herself:

  • During unprotected sex,
  • Untreated mycosis may promote chlamydial infection
  • From mother to child (contamination at the time of delivery).

Symptoms :

In the woman

  • Few or no symptoms

In humans

  • Genital discharge in the form of a slight, clear, viscous, little or no painful oozing.
  • Sometimes conjunctivitis or joint pain.

Severity and complications:

If left untreated, chlamydia can develop into salpingitis that can alter the fallopian tubes and lead to infertility. Hence the importance of being screened at the slightest doubt, despite the asymptomatic nature of this disease.

Diagnostic :

  • Urinalysis, or vaginal sampling.
  • Women under 25, at higher risk, should be screened twice a year.


Simultaneous treatment of both partners with antibiotics for at least 20 days.

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