DACRYOSERUM 12 mg / 18 mg / mL

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Ophthalmology
active ingredients: Borax, Boric acid
Lab: Johnson & Johnson Sante Bea

Solution for ophthalmic lavage
Box of 20 single-dose containers of 5 ml
All forms


Eye wash in case of conjunctival irritation.

Dosage DACRYOSERUM 12 mg / 18 mg / mL Ophthalmic lavage solution Box of 20 5 ml single dose containers

Local way.


1 to 3 eye washes per day.

The washes are done directly by jet by inverting the container-unidose and pressing lightly on it, taking care not to put the container-single-dose in contact with the surface of the eye and wiping the excess with a compress or cotton wool.

Use the single-dose container immediately after opening and dispose of it after use.

The single-dose container can be used for the treatment of both eyes.

Do not reuse an opened single-dose container.

Against indications

Hypersensitivity to one of the components of the solution.

Dacryoserum side effects

Rarely eye irritation.

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