Atopic dermatitis: the causes

Atopic dermatitis is a multifactorial condition.

Thus, the following factors are involved in the occurrence of the disease:

  • genetic factors;
  • immune perturbation (related to T cell activation);
  • cutaneous barrier disorder related to a deficit in certain fatty acids;
  • presence of bacteria (staphylococcus) on the surface of the skin.

In fact, there is still much to discover about the precise causes of atopic dermatitis. Currently, many studies focus on the bacteria normally present on the surface of the skin and their diversity. These bacteria could have an influence on the occurrence or not of atopic eczema.

It is a disease that often evolves by relapses, and especially the winter, with the cold, the differences of temperatures ...

But as has been said environmental factors, food ... can promote eczema or a flare of eczema.
Also - as far as possible, is it important to identify the elements that promote these outbreaks.

The allergist doctor will ask many questions to try to find the agent promoting atopic dermatitis. Depending on the outcome of this "investigation", it will of course be proposed to avoid contact with these triggering or promoting factors.

Other allergic manifestations can occur in addition to eczema, such as asthma or rhinitis, or a food allergy.

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