Generic drug from Pevaryl
Therapeutic class: Dermatology
active ingredients: Econazole
laboratory: Bailleul

Powder for cutaneous application
Bottle of 30 g
All forms



Cutaneous candidiasis encountered in the human clinic is usually due to Candida albicans. However, the detection of a candida on the skin can not constitute in itself an indication.

· Treatment of mycosis of macerated folds: genital intertrigo, sub-mammary, inter-digital ...

In some cases, it is recommended to treat the digestive tract simultaneously.


· Treatment :

o Intertrigo macerated genital and crural,

o Intertrigo of the toes.

Dosage DERMAZOL Gé 1% Powder for cutaneous application Bottle of 30 g

Regular twice-daily application until complete disappearance of the lesions.

Dust the lesions to be treated by sweeping the entire affected area.



· Mycosis of the macerated folds: genital ntertrigo, sub-mammary, inter-digital ...

1 to 2 weeks


· Intertrigo macerated genital and crural

· Intertrigo of the toes.

2 to 3 weeks

3 weeks

Against indications

· A concept of intolerance or sensitization to imiclazole derivatives, or to any of the constituents of the product.

Adverse effects Dermazol GE

· Due to the low resorption rate of econazole (0.5% - 2%) on healthy skin, the risk of systemic effects can be virtually ruled out.

However, on an injured skin, a large area, and in the infant, (because of the ratio surface / weight and the effect of occlusion of the layers) one must be attentive to this eventuality.

· Locally, the rare manifestations of intolerance are sensations of burns, or sometimes pruritus and redness of the skin; these events rarely lead to discontinuation of treatment (approximately 1.7% of cases).

· Very rare cases of contact eczema at the application site have been reported.

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