Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
Active ingredients: Clobetasol
laboratory: Glaxosmithkline

Gel for local application
Bottle of 20 ml
All forms


Inflammatory dermatoses of corticosensitive scalp, more particularly:
- scalp psoriasis,
- Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp Note : After a generally brief attack treatment, the relay is possibly provided by a corticosteroid of a lower class.

Dosage DERMOVAL 0, 05% Gel for local application Bottle of 20 ml

- The gel should be applied in small amounts directly to the scalp, line by line.
- In general, one application per day is sufficient.
- Applications are limited to 2 per day.
An increase in the number of daily applications could aggravate the adverse effects without improving the therapeutic effects.
- As soon as the result is obtained, the applications will be progressively spaced.

Against indications

- Hypersensitivity to one of the components.
- Those of local corticosteroids: primary infectious lesions of the skin (bacterial, mycotic, viral, parasitic), even if they include an inflammatory component.
- Ulcerated lesions.
- Should never be applied to the face or under occlusion.
Pregnancy: the use is not recommended during the first 3 months (the safety of the drug during pregnancy has not been established).

Dermoval side effects

- Risk of systemic effects (see warnings: brake adrenal function).
- Locally:
Folliculitis, acneiform or pustular eruptions, hypertrichosis, depigmentation, desiccation
and skin fragility.
There are fears for prolonged use: cutaneous atrophy; ecchymotic purpura, secondary to atrophy; telangiectasia (to be feared especially on the face).
In the face, corticosteroids can create perioral dermatitis, create or aggravate rosacea (see warnings and precautions for use).

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