Diabetes and travel: what to take away?

When one suffers from an illness, and especially from diabetes, it is legitimate to wonder what equipment and treatment to take away when traveling? This question is especially relevant when you have type 1 diabetes, which requires the use of insulin.

Whether you are on insulin or taking medication, be sure to pack in a few more days of treatment, to make up for any unforeseen during your trip and your stay.

If you have an insulin pump, consider taking all duplicate consumable material.

Get a summary of your medical records from your doctor, and keep it on you. If you can have it translated into the language of the country you are visiting, it would be even better.

Ask your doctor for a relief order with the names of treatments under their ICD (International Nonproprietary Name) to avoid any ambiguity if it is necessary to have them delivered on site.

Your doctor will add a broad-spectrum antibiotic and a urinary antiseptic, in case you have an infection to treat during your vacation.

Take a care kit with anti-diarrheal drugs, analgesics, local antiseptic treatments such as Betadine® and Hexomedine® for possible small common wounds. As a patient with diabetes, you should be especially careful to avoid infection.

If you have foot problems (more fragile when you are diabetic), be careful not to hurt yourself, make sure you have good shoes, avoid walking barefoot.

Take also a mosquito ointment and medicines against the turista.

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Diabetes and travel: how to organize? Previous Article

Diabetes and travel: how to organize?

Diabetes and travel: what to take away? Previous Article

Diabetes and travel: what to take away?

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