Diabetes and travel: which transport to choose?

When one suffers from diabetes and one has to leave for a stay or to go on vacation, there is no particular contraindication concerning transport.

However, a plane trip requires some precautions related to the increasingly stringent security measures of the airlines.

It is forbidden to carry liquids and syringes in the cabin ! If you are not in possession of your doctor's prescription, clearly explaining your diabetic status, you may be prohibited from embarking on your treatments.

Also, check if the treatments are afraid of a trip in the hold . If you have more than one baggage, spread the treatments, for the unlikely event that one of them is lost.

Be careful not to put the insulin pumps X-ray, the risk of making them out of use. They can safely pass under the security gantry.

Take your blood glucose meter with you during your trip, as well as an extra set of batteries. Ask the flight crew if you can use it in flight.

4 precautions to take

1 - If you have to leave for a country that is in another time zone, ask your doctor how to distribute the insulin injections. On the other hand, there is no adjustment to be made for the taking of drugs (at meal times).

2 - If you have to make an injection during the flight, avoid doing it during takeoff and landing, but rather once you are firmly on the plane.

3 - Always carry with you your diabetic card that you can either download or ask your doctor.

4 - If you have lost more or less sensitivity to the soles of the feet, stay shod. You could get burned on the hot sand. In general, do not walk barefoot to avoid getting hurt and getting an infection.

Sophrology against the evils of transport

Torticollis, thrombosis, heavy legs, contractures ... A long journey can quickly become a nightmare. Here are 6 sophrology exercises to go on vacation on the right foot!

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Sources and Notes: Drug Strategy for Glycemic Control of Type 2 Diabetes, Recommendation for Clinical Practice, High Authority for Health , January 2013.

Diabetes and travel: which transport to choose? Previous Article

Diabetes and travel: which transport to choose?

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Diabetes and travel: how to organize?

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