Diabetes: Are you sure you know everything?

Diabetes is today a very common disease, since in France, about three million people suffer from it. But is this disease so well known? Are you sure you know everything about this condition?

So it is a very common disease, unfortunately not well enough known. Even though everyone has heard of diabetes, few people know about its symptoms and especially its risks.

Indeed, too high blood sugar (this is the definition of diabetes), has the effect of altering many tissues and organs, and ultimately greatly disrupt their functioning and their health: especially the kidneys, heart, eyes, skin ...

Also, it is important to detect as early as possible a possible diabetes to be quickly and properly supported, and to follow the recommendations of doctors. Diabetes is treated by dietary measures, regular physical activity and medication.

In this file, you will have plenty of specific information on diabetes, its symptoms, its causes, its consequences and its treatments ... Here, we will focus mainly on type 2 diabetes, which is by far the most common, and which usually occurs in adulthood. For this appointment page 3 and answer our QUIZ.

Read also the interview of Dr. Claude Colas, diabetologist doctor.

Diabetes: the essential thing to know

As a diabetic, how to manage your daily life? Food, sport, pregnancy, school, travel ... Find all our practical tips in our special Diabetes issue!

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Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Dr. Claude Colas, endocrinologist-diabetologist.
Last update: November 2013.

Diabetes: Are you sure you know everything? Previous Article

Diabetes: Are you sure you know everything?

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All about diabetes: explanations

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