Infant Diarrhea: Treatments

The first treatment to give is Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). This is the reference treatment recommended by WHO. A fever medication can be given if it is high. The doctor may prescribe an anti-secretory.

A medical consultation is necessary. To quickly counteract the risk of dehydration, give the child a Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) that is available in pharmacies. The child needs to be rehydrated with this perfectly adapted liquid. This SRO is intended primarily for children under two years old.

Side food nothing very special. 4-6 hours after the onset of diarrhea or vomiting, the child can resume normal eating. He may not be very hungry. If he is breastfeeding or taking bottles of milk, he must continue. We must not force the child to whom we can offer anything if his diet is already diversified. We can prefer rice, white bread, carrots, apples ... In the infant, one alternates the ORS, and the "normal" bottles or the breastfeeding. It is inadvisable to give infants unsuitable pure water. Similarly, contrary to what we sometimes hear, do not give soda, coke or carrot juice ...

If the child is severely dehydrated, a transfer to an emergency department is the best solution. The child will be offered drinking an ORS. But the setting up of an infusion may be necessary.

Sick child: 5 symptoms that must alert

Because a child is more fragile than an adult.
Here are 5 symptoms that must alert you to go to the emergency room without going through the doctor box treating

The child is usually kept three to four days in the hospital.
If you have an infant, we recommend having a Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) in your medicine cabinet.

In case of diarrhea of ​​your baby, you can propose this solution even before the arrival of the doctor. If your child is vomiting, offer ORS very slowly, in small sips at first. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after contact with the child. The best is to use a hydro-alcohol solution.

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