Endometriosis: treatments

The principle of medical treatments against endometriosis is easy to understand. What causes lesions are those endometrial fragments that follow the rhythm of menstrual cycles (the tissues thicken and eventually bleed).

Drug treatments will therefore aim to atrophy the endometrium in its pathological locations. At the time of menopause, for example, the endometrium atrophies naturally. The drugs will therefore cause an artificial "kind of menopause" and especially transient.

A hormonal treatment like the pill can be prescribed: it will block the ovulation and therefore the rules; the endometriosis plaques will not develop, will not bleed, the pain will disappear.

Women who have endometriosis will follow this treatment as long as they do not want children, for several years.

Alternatively, a laparoscopic surgical operation may be proposed. This solution has the advantage of making a diagnosis and treating lesions. Surgery is done under general anesthesia. A small pipe is introduced into the belly, through the navel.

The practitioner can, at the same time, see the lesions and treat them. Lesions are destroyed by electro-coagulation or laser. It also removes cysts from the ovaries, or removes lesions from the uterosacral ligament.

Sometimes, endometriosis is extensive and it may be necessary to perform a hysterectomy that is to say remove the uterus; this intervention is reserved, as far as possible, for women who no longer want children.

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