Ectopic pregnancy (EGU): treatments

The treatments depend on the evolution of the ectopic pregnancy (EPG) at the time of the diagnosis. This treatment is not necessary if the ectopic pregnancy progresses to a spontaneous expulsion (without complication). In this case, medical supervision (ultrasound, blood tests) may suffice.

In patients with few signs, for whom there is doubt about the diagnosis, it is possible to refrain from intervening provided that they are closely monitored (ultrasound and repeated dosing in the blood of beta-HCG) .

Drug treatment

Other times, treatment with a drug is possible. Ectopic pregnancy can be treated by intramuscular administration of methotrexate which will expel the egg. In case of failure, this treatment can be renewed. It is also possible to inject the product directly into the egg by radio guidance (which allows to see the path from the needle to the egg).

Surgical treatment

Sometimes surgery is required to remove the egg in an abnormal position. Most surgeons operate GEUs endoscopically: they make small buttonholes on the abdominal wall where they introduce tiny surgical instruments (forceps, scissors ...) and a mini-camera. Once the proboscis is opened by a small incision, they suck the egg and the blood that may have spread.

The surgeon will do all he can to save the fallopian tube which is the seat of the ectopic pregnancy if the woman is young and old enough to have children. Sometimes, the trunk is very damaged and you have to do a salpingectomy (removal of the trunk). The surgeon will observe the state of the contralateral trunk (on the other side).

In fact, if a tube becomes blocked as a result of the procedure or if it is removed, the eggs will no longer be able to pass and therefore no longer be fertilized: in order for a pregnancy to be possible thereafter, it is necessary that the another trunk is healthy and permeable, otherwise the risks of infertility are possible.


After these treatments (by medication or surgery), medical supervision is important. Especially with ultrasound surveillance in the days that follow.

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