Hemophilia: Treatments

Anti-hemophilia treatment is based on the infusion of antihemophilic products, which correspond to the missing coagulation factors. This treatment makes it possible to increase their blood level when it is necessary, that is to say, when a hemorrhage appears. And so allow to coagulate the blood of the patient.

The dose of the injected product will be a function of the weight of the patient, the severity of the hemophilia and the severity of the haemorrhage. Sometimes a single injection is enough, but it may be necessary to give several injections a day for several days. Especially when the haemorrhage is important or during a surgical procedure.

The complications of these injections are the risks of infection and more particularly the risks of transmission of viral diseases (the risk is low today thanks to the use of viral inactivation processes). Anti-hemophilia products can also reveal anticoagulant antibodies against these same injected products. It is necessary to think about it if a treatment does not act quickly and to look for it regularly at least at the beginning of the treatment. The treatment will then be different, it will be necessary to use other factors of coagulation handled beforehand.

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