Hallux Valgus: after the operation

The post-operative pain control solutions of the hallux valgus have fortunately improved a lot in recent years.

If the procedure was performed by locoregional anesthesia (and not general), a small catheter is then placed near the sciatic nerve to broadcast, on demand, the anesthetic, when the pain is felt. This technique helps to soothe the pain of the first hours after the operation.

After the intervention of the hallux valgus, the hospitalization lasts from two to three days, usually.
However, the latest surgical techniques make it possible to practice, today quite often, the outpatient intervention (that is to say without hospitalization).

Then the doctors propose a particular mode of footwear. This post-operative period is fundamental. The bone healing time lasts about 45 days.

  • You can walk the day after your hospital discharge, with a shoe with a heel support to use for three to four weeks.
  • You can take the wheel again after about a month.
  • The work stoppage is an average of one and a half months to two and a half months. All this depends on your age, your weight and your professional activity.

You will most certainly be asked to:

  • Wear a special sandal for 30 to 45 days.
  • Plan to keep your foot as high as possible, especially the days following the procedure (to avoid edema).

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