Hoquet: the treatments

Treatments will actually be considered in case of persistent hiccups. When the hiccups last several days or return periodically, a doctor should be consulted.

Indeed, it can then reveal the existence of an underlying disease. Of course, in this case, hiccups are often associated with other symptoms related to a specific disease.

In case of persistent or recurrent hiccups, the doctor must seek other manifestations. Does the patient, for example, complain of difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)?

Treatments consist of the removal of the causative condition whenever possible. We will therefore seek to intervene on what causes the dysfunction of hiccups. But if it is impossible to find the origin of the hiccups, the doctor can then prescribe a treatment (muscle relaxants, anticonvulsants).

Grandma's remedies

In other cases, even if everyone has his tip to make the crisis disappear, here are some universal tricks, tricks of "grandmothers" that often trigger a reflex phenomenon, to stop the hiccups:

  • drink very cold water or suck an ice cube,
  • drink a glass of water with your head facing the ground,
  • pull on the tongue,
  • block the breathing,
  • divert attention by scary, for example,
  • cause a high heart by putting a finger deep in the throat.

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