Hypothyroidism: treatments

Nothing is more natural than to treat a hypothyroidism, since it is thyroid hormones that will have to be taken! These are the same as those produced by the gland. These are oral treatments, very easy to take. It's best to treat yourself regularly. Note that this is a very inexpensive treatment (about 10 euros per month).

Important: Always take your treatment at the same time of the day. Either morning or noon with lunch or evening at bedtime. But, always at the same time of day.

Attention: the dosage of the treatment, will depend on your morphology. If you are more of a creeper or a robust type, the dose will differ. In light: 1.6 microg / kilo / day. Or to be more clear: for a lady of 60 kilos, it will be 100 microg, pink box; for a heavier gentleman, it will be 150 microg, blue box!

In all cases, regular monitoring to detect any overdose or underdosing is essential. The dosage of treatments is also adjustable, depending on your TSH level.

It should be known that some drugs can disrupt the hormonal assays. Dressings for the stomach, proton pump inhibitors (which serve to reduce gastric acidity), iron, calcium, magnesium, some barbiturates ...

When you have a hypothyroidism problem, do not forget to tell your doctor exactly what medications you are taking, and any other conditions you may have.

Treating hypothyroidism is usually simple, easy to balance ... as long as you respect the basics of treatment, its regularity and to avoid any drug interference.

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