Impetigo: the symptoms

The symptoms of impetigo first appear around the orifices (nostrils, anus, mouth), but the lesions spread easily on the rest of the body and on the scalp, mainly because of scraping.

This infection can occur as a result of a cold around the nose irritated, is quite common in children under 4 years.

Crusted impetigo is characterized by pustules, that is to say, pimples sometimes containing pus. They are red, sometimes a little swollen, and break after a few days causing the appearance of yellowish crusts. These lesions cause a slight itching and heal without leaving a scar.

Bullous impetigo, on the contrary, is manifested by bubbles (large blisters containing water or pus) of one or two centimeters, sometimes surrounded by peripheral redness. Generally, after 2 to 3 days, the bubbles break, and tire of skinless areas and eruptions that spread quickly.

In some eruptions of impetigo, so-called meliceric crusts (honey color) can be very hard and dry, so it is recommended in these cases to use emollient treatments to soften and disinfect them: the crusts are a "concentrate" of bacteria.

Impetigo does not produce general signs (no fever, no fatigue ...).

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