Keratitis: the causes

The causes of keratitis can be separated into 2 categories:

Keratitis of traumatic origin (direct attack of the cornea).

The cause can be of course a foreign body (shine of glass, insect ...), but also ultraviolet. These keratitis resulting from too intense sun exposure (we speak of snow ophthalmia, even if we are in the tropics) or arc welding are however much more common and above all avoidable. Whether sun rays or welding, a defect of eye protection is still in question! These keratites are called brutal apparitions.

Keratitis due to germs.

The cause may be bacterial, viral, fungal (keratomycosis) or amoebic contamination. They are increasing due to the increasing use of contact lenses and port hygiene conditions that are not optimum. Their occurrence is a little more progressive than in the first case (keratitis due to UV).

To totally proscribe:

1) the contact of the lenses with running water, which allows amoebic infestation; a rare keratitis but for the terrible blow, leading to a transplant of the cornea when the treatments that are set up arrive too late or do not work.

2) Attention to cosmetic lenses, considered as cosmetic products and not medical devices, users are not informed of the risks involved. And precautions are also essential for their use!

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