Female ejaculation: The questions you ask yourself

I would like to live a cumshot: how to do?
It is reasonable to think that G-spot stimulation, by provoking a powerful orgasm, can help to achieve the desired goal. The area is extremely sensitive and its proximity to the urethra would promote the arrival of this ejaculation. But even with these manipulations, there is no certainty of getting there. Above all, you need to have an orgasm in a spirit of total letting go and trust in your partner.
An excellent knowledge of her body and strong vaginal muscles are also elements that can help to know this pleasure so special.

I do not ejaculate, is it serious?
Female ejaculation is not an obligation; it concerns only a small number of women. You can have a fulfilling sexuality, which perfectly matches your expectations, have frequent orgasms or even every time and yet never know a female ejaculation.

What if I can not do it?
If you can not ejaculate, it does not matter. Some women will never get there.
Do not ejaculate means in no way do not have orgasm. If you do not know what can be considered a "little extra", you must not see it as a handicap.

How can I avoid ejaculation?
The simplest thing is to avoid orgasm: without orgasm, no ejaculation.
So choose the positions that do not cause orgasm at home. These positions vary, of course, from one woman to another. And if during your sex you feel that you are going to ejaculate, try to stop the sexual act before orgasm (easier to write than to do!).

Some women want to avoid ejaculation at all costs: why?
The fear of this ejaculation is often due to a lack of knowledge of the phenomenon but also:
> Because they are afraid of dirtying bedding,
> They find it embarrassing,
> The place where they make love is not appropriate,
> They want control over their bodies

What effect does it have?
Those who have experimented with female ejaculation agree that it increases the effect of their enjoyment and gives them a sense of well being and euphoria.
In addition, some women can have multiple ejaculations in a row ... and even at very close intervals!

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