Scoliosis is due to progressive pathological twisting of the spine; it concerns several vertebrae: lumbar vertebrae, dorsal vertebrae ... The scoliosis causes an aesthetic prejudice : a gibbosity.

The vertebral column is formed of perfectly stacked vertebrae on each other, it is in principle perfectly straight in the frontal plane (frontal), its curvatures in the sagittal plane (from front to back) are harmonious and have precise angles : lordosis (convexity, arch) in the cervical vertebrae, kyphosis (concavity) in the thoracic vertebrae, lordosis in the lumbar vertebrae.

Definition: scoliosis is a permanent deformation of the spine, due to a torsion of the vertebrae

The search for scoliosis is systematic in children. Scoliosis can appear very early in childhood, from birth sometimes, they tend to worsen if they are not monitored and managed quickly. Some scoliosis are light and stable, they do not pose any particular problem.

Others are progressive, that is to say that they worsen over time and in particular at the time of growth spurts at the time of adolescence between 11 and 13 years for girls and between 13 and 15 years in boys. Scoliosis may also worsen later in adulthood, especially at older ages.

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