Organ donation: making your position known about organ donation?

The simplest way to make known your position vis-à-vis the gift, is still to talk with his family, his family, those who will be the best to represent you.

> If you are in favor of donation, you can bring a donor card . It is not obligatory but facilitates the donation. To do this, simply visit the website of the Association for the Donation of Organs and Human Tissues (ADOT), or the website of the Agency for Biomedicine www.agence and fill out the form to get your free donor card.

> If, on the other hand, you refuse the donation, you can register on the National Register of Refusals with the Biomedicine Agency. It is not mandatory, but it ensures that your will will be known and respected. Simply download and print the form on the website, then send it to the address indicated with a copy of your identity card.

You can also tell your relatives the refusal to take certain organs.

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Sources and notes: ADOT and Biomedicine Agency.

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