The microbiota, our health ally?

The microbiota is more and more about him. Would he be our secret health ally? It must be recognized that bacteria are not necessarily bad!

Indeed, bacteria can even be very useful, as we can see more and more thanks to the recent research work done in this area. These bacteria that we carry on our skin, or inside our digestive tract for example, and who participate in the proper functioning of our body, are called the microbiota.

The microbiota represents all the bacteria found in our body. Each one of us carries about 500 000 billion bacteria which intervene in different functions: they are involved in the digestion, the synthesis of vitamins ... but also in the good functioning of our system of immune defense. All these microorganisms that we carry, weigh in total about 2 to 3 kilos!

For a very (very) long time, we considered germs as harmful agents, against which we had to fight, protect ourselves - especially since the Pasteurian period pusic some of these bacteria are at the origin of infections which can be particularly dangerous . But a conception too "hygienist" appears as simplistic today, and especially erroneous!

And in fact many bacteria want us well, protect us, and are even essential for the proper functioning of our body.

Until a very short time ago, we knew very little about these microbiota bacteria. If we have a great knowledge of some pathogenic bacteria (such as meningococci, streptococci, staphylococci ...), however we still have everything to discover about these bacteria that want us good. It is the progress made on the sequencing of DNA that has allowed these advances.

We discover, for example, that these bacteria interact with each other, and especially that they interact with the host (our organism).

We all carry our microbiota with often the same bacteria for the majority of them. But with some small differences depending on the person. Thus, the composition of bacteria in the gut microbiota, varies according to the nutritional characteristics of each. And some health problems are actually related to abnormalities affecting these bacteria.

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Microbiota: Sources and notes Previous Article

Microbiota: Sources and notes

Microbiota: Sources and notes Previous Article

Microbiota: Sources and notes

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