Children's games

Play is the natural activity of the child. Distracting, the play activity also plays a key role in the motor and neurological development of the child.

Between 0 and 2 years

Through play, the child exercises and develops his motor skills, stimulates his senses (the touch with the wake-up mat, the hearing with the musical games ...). True "tools" of learning, toys allow him to acquire skill and to understand the principle of cause and effect; so it is important to choose toys that are adapted to the child's abilities.
Choose cheerful colors, simple shapes, baby toys, pleasant textures.

The rattle, the waking mat, the portico, the rubber animals, the paintings of discoveries are the central toys of this period.

Around 6 months, will come the game of "cuckoo", the game of grimaces; thanks to these simple games, the child will discover the notion of transformation (grimaces) and absence (the game of the cuckoo).

The carrying toys, like the truck, will accompany the child towards his first steps.

Be careful for infants not to overload the fluffy bed, to avoid choking during the night.

2 to 4 years

From 2 years, the child begins to invent scenarios, the game then takes a different dimension. The child manages to make live to his doll or any character of true adventures, which allows him to develop his language, and to explore the human feelings.

More athletic, the tricycle allows the child to explore his environment and increase his autonomy.

From 2 years old, children begin to specify their actions; they can now have fun with simple puzzles, which develop concentration and logic.

Attention is also the age when the child puts everything in his mouth. It is therefore important to avoid toys containing small parts that could be swallowed.

The differentiation between girl and boy is usually after 3 years, often under the influence of parents or school. Boys play more with puzzle games (construction) and girls prefer games to communicate.

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