Liver diseases: treatments

Treatments for liver disease will of course depend on its cause. In case of cirrhosis for example, the treatment is primarily symptomatic. It will consist first of all in stopping alcohol consumption, but also in treating any other problems related to this cirrhosis, such as esophageal varices, or ascites (liquid in the peritoneum) treated - among other things - by a diuretic medication.

Hepatic transplantation may be the solution for very advanced cirrhosis of the liver (the organ is practically no longer functional).

In case of hepatitis B or C, treatments have made tremendous progress in recent years, with the arrival of drugs that heal patients, especially in case of hepatitis C.

In case of liver cancer (primary or secondary), the first treatment indicated, if possible, is the surgical procedure to remove the part where the tumor is located.

In case of liver disease, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. For example, early management of a patient with alcoholic cirrhosis may halve his risk of death in the medium term by stopping his alcohol consumption.

The best is of course, preventive action, such as limiting alcohol consumption or being vaccinated against hepatitis B.

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