Excessive hair: the advice of the dermatologist

Interview with Dr. Claire Beylot, dermatologist. This specialist doctor gives lots of advice ...

Can you give us the main causes of hyperpilosity?

The hyperpilosity contains two distinct terms: on the one hand hypertrichosis, which concerns the hairiness uninfluenced by androgens (hormones), and which comes from an ethnic predisposition in the brunettes.
On the other hand, hirsutism, which appears in the form of black hair and thick in areas influenced by androgens, and whose cause, in 80% of cases, is linked to a syndrome of polycystic ovaries. More rarely, hirsutism can have metabolic or medicinal causes.

How do you differentiate between high hairiness and hyperpilosity?

For me, it's the same. The impression and the experience of the patient are important. Sometimes, patients consider excessive normal hair, incompatible with the beauty canons imposed by the media and advertising.

When do you refer your patient to an endocrinologist?

When it is clinically a hirsutism, and there are other associated signs (acne, alopecia) or disorders of the rules (long and irregular cycles).

Some shaggy men, do you also consult to reduce their hair?

In humans, we do not speak of hirsutism but of hypertrichosis. It is very clearly ethnic (Mediterranean, Middle Eastern), with a very variable acceptance, some men considering it as normal, and others being more sensitive to the current canons of beauty conveyed by the media who advocate a beardless torso and a face without hair too thick. The latter sometimes ask for laser hair removal at the trunk to reduce hairiness deemed too exuberant by themselves or their companion.

More rarely, men may have pathological problems such as recurrent beard folliculitis, related to the difficult shaving of hair too thick pushing in all directions and tend to incarnate in sensitive skin. Laser hair removal can then be useful.

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