Lice: stalking scalp lice

When we find a louse ... there is a good chance that there will be others. It is necessary to treat quickly before they lay nits and multiply, it is the best way to get rid of it quickly.

Children with long, thick, curly hair should be examined carefully, as lice are more difficult to spot.

Note that there is a product to identify the nits on the hair, it is a product that is applied to the hair and coloring the nits in blue (after shampooing to remove this product), the nits remain blue and see each other well.

At home

When a family member has lice, check that other members do not have lice, even adults.

At school

The same is true at school, when there is an "epidemic" of pediculosis, all heads should be inspected.

In practice, when a child has lice, parents must warn the school, so that each family can quickly make the necessary arrangements (check the hair of his children, and possibly start treatment without delay).

To sink to contract lice, we advise:

  • to tie long hair,
  • avoid the exchange of combs, brushes and various hair accessories,
  • to avoid the exchange of clothes, hats,

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