Measles: the causes

The cause of measles is a viral infection. This is due to a virus of the genus Morbillivirus of the family Paramyxoviridae.

Man is the only reservoir of the virus. Its transmission is mainly by air, either directly from a patient, or indirectly, because of the persistence of the virus in the air or on a surface contaminated by saliva droplets.

While the number of measles cases in France has dropped significantly thanks to vaccination, the disease has been above the epidemic threshold since 2008. This is due to insufficient vaccination coverage. Involved, unvaccinated people or who have received only one injection, responsible for the contamination. Not to mention that unvaccinated adults are likely to contract the disease in a form that can be quite aggressive.

We must therefore remain vigilant and continue to ensure the update of vaccination status. The measles vaccine is a well-tolerated and effective vaccine. It sometimes causes the appearance of a mini-measles with fever and rash, but it has nothing to do with measles disease.

Most of the time, the vaccine protects against the virus or at least its aggressiveness. Indeed, if the body has not responded well to the vaccine, it will make at most one measles attenuated without complications.

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