Tennis elbow: The symptoms

Pain is the main symptom of a tennis elbow.

This pain is localized on the external os of the elbow (known as the epicondyle), but it can sometimes go up to the shoulder or down to the wrist. It is often a pain that starts, and is manifested when the patient performs torsional movements or a tensioning wrist. Depending on the intensity of the inflammation, other movements on the arm can also become painful. The pain that characterizes a tennis elbow can sometimes become persistent.

Sometimes, the painful area may have a slight swelling and / or redness, so it may appear very slightly swollen (which is rare).

In the presence of these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a general practitioner, who can refer the patient to a rheumatologist, a functional rehabilitation specialist or a sports doctor. Normally, a clinical examination is sufficient to identify and diagnose a tennis elbow. The doctor will try to identify the movements that caused this disorder.

In case of doubts concerning the diagnosis, other complementary examinations can be carried out to diagnose a tennis elbow. X-rays may be requested if there is doubt about the diagnosis. In some exceptional cases, an MRI is prescribed if the diagnosis is not clear or if an operation is considered. This is by no means a routine exam. These exams are usually requested if the healing of tennis elbow is difficult or time consuming.

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