Drug addiction: treatments

In addition to possible drug treatments, psychotherapy must be initiated to treat addiction.

This therapy is initially "motivational" to push the person to try to change. Then, psychotherapy can analyze the circumstances of drug use and the underlying psychological context, and then develop avenues of work, such as the implementation of compensation strategies and / or work on the thoughts and experiences. emotions.

One of the behavioral strategies is to help the person to identify other areas of interest and pleasure, to keep a consumption log (with the situations and circumstances of consumption to put in place strategies of avoidance), then to set up weaning that is performed outpatient or in hospital to get the person out of his usual environment.

In addition to medical and psychological treatment, educational and social support is essential for some people of modest and very marginalized background.

There are now many health centers for good care for addiction, such as Outpatient Addiction Treatment and Support Centers (CSAPA).

Even if the results of these addiction treatments do not lead to success every time, do not be (too) discouraged. And even after a failure, try again.

Where to find help ?

Here are 3 addresses to use for help and advice:

  • Help and Action Tips on Substance Abuse (CAAT): //www.caat.online.fr/divers/aide.htm
  • Drugs Info Service: //www.drogues-info-service.fr/Adresses-utililes
  • National Association of Prevention in Alcoology and Addictology (ANPAA): //www.anpaa.asso.fr/adresses-utililes

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