Tumor of the brain: what psychological support?

Even though a large part of brain tumors is healed, it is a most often trying disease, because of its heavy treatment and its disturbing nature.

Having a brain tumor requires adaptation efforts for the patient, and for loved ones, but does not prevent living and having projects.

It is important to be surrounded in moments of fragility, but also in good times.

Being able to express oneself to one's family, or even to associations of patients, is essential. Saying things aloud is not shameful, and sometimes helps alleviate the heaviness of the disease experience. That is why it can sometimes be useful to meet a psychologist.

As for everyone, lifestyle is essential. It brings together a balanced and appetizing diet, a regular physical activity, a healthy living environment, etc.

Take time for yourself, meditate, accept your emotions, and surround yourself with loved ones ... Useful advice for everyone but that make all the more sense in this disease, for loved ones and for the sick.

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