Varicose ulcer: The causes

The causes of a varicose ulcer are related to venous insufficiency. In fact we speak mainly of factors favoring, more causes proper. Many factors may play a role in the development of venous insufficiency, which is the main cause of venous ulcers.

On the one hand there are genetic factors: if in the close family of the person there have been cases of venous insufficiency, it will be more likely to develop one. There are lifestyle factors: sedentary lifestyle, occupations that force the worker to stay early for a long time without walking ...

In people with venous insufficiency, poor circulation in the veins causes blood to build up, weakening and weakening the venous wall. The blood stagnates in the veins and reveals varicose veins in relief under the skin. It is often a trauma (a shock or the effect of scratching) that causes an ulcer, creating a wound that can not heal and turns into an ulcer. It can also be a sting that turns into a wound.

Beware of blood circulation disorders!

The disorders of the blood circulation can be related to the heart, the arteries or the veins, which constitutes very different pathologies ... The point on this frequent disorder

If one does not intervene immediately to cure the ulcer, it can spread and become infected. It is very important for people with venous insufficiency to be vaccinated against tetanus, a potentially life-threatening condition.

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