A flat stomach: mission possible!

Having a flat stomach is an expensive aesthetic ideal for many women (and many men). Beyond the dream, displaying a firm belly and in harmony with the rest of its silhouette requires adopting the right reflexes.

Where does the belly come from?

There are several reasons for this, starting with the way we eat - too often unbalanced: too fat, too sweet. Another culprit: our genetic / biological predisposition to gain weight. Some people are unfortunately more vulnerable than others to gaining pounds.

But whether one is of a rather round nature, or that one is thin, for various reasons, it is not rare to have "a little belly". Because other factors intervene outside these metabolic data:

  • a pregnancy (and their number),
  • repetitive weight variations (the famous yoyo effect),
  • a lack of physical activity,
  • hormonal changes (such as those occurring during menopause) ...

These are all parameters responsible for a relaxation of the abdominal muscles which, with small greasy deposits, quickly turn into unsightly bulges.

Flat belly: mission possible!

In this issue, we will present some tips to remedy belly belly: diet, physical exercises, aesthetic and surgical solutions ... Let's take a look at the various ways to (re) find a flat stomach. But before, it's important to remember some basic rules and tips to follow:

Some practical tips that will allow you to have or keep a flat stomach:

  • Know how to stay realistic. Do not set goals that are hard to reach. If you have already had two or three children, you will not find the extra flat stomach of your 15 years.
  • Just after a pregnancy, do not get into an abdominal exercise series before you have started and even completed your perineal rehabilitation.
  • Do not hesitate to consult a nutritionist or dietician to help you compose more balanced menus if you feel lost. Eating well is learned and good eating habits are kept for life. A good reason to make an appointment!

    To see: our video, made with a sports coach to learn exercises - simple but effective - to have a flat stomach

    Our coach offers exercises that work the abdominal muscles to have a flat stomach and tonic.

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